SNS Project Team recently handled the movement of cargo for a major French chemical company, that is a world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment.

This cargo being shipped from China was marked for set-up at their facility in Turkey. The material arrived this month and after working through the formalities of a private port under tight security, discharge operations went smooth.

The material included pieces as large as the Argon cold box that was up to 35 meters long with various other items to include additional cold boxes, turbine and air purification skids. While there were some heavy lift pieces the largest was up to 185 tons. Accompanying these oversized items was various other components brought the cargo total over 1,300 tons in one shipment.

During the project, the challenges included maneuvering this cargo on very narrow roads in a chemical plant setting to be stored in an area that is estimated to be less than 2,000 square meters of area. With constant repositioning of equipment and long trailers plus the restrictions of only working in daylight hours around site traffic, it proved to be an interesting and rewarding job after all was complete with no damages or injuries.


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