SNS International Transport an ISO 9001 certified company in Heavylift Project Design and Management continues its’ projects with the transport of a 100 ton capacity Gottwald crane with a weight of 366 tons. It measured in at 17 meters in length with the tower reaching up to 36 meters excluding the boom. This crane which is transported with other equipment and material that included hundreds of tons of steel rebars, several trucks with trailers, container stacker, excavators, and forklifts was loaded onto a barge vessel in the port of Trabzon. Upon completion of loading, the vessel proceeded to the port of Derince to load concrete plant equipment assemblies as well as plastic piping.

This project destined to arrive later this month at the Port of Mogadishu/Somalia, was to assist an esteemed Turkish company for its’ operations to build up seaport facilities in Somalia.

SNS continues to provide assistance to various companies for their transport needs to this area as well as ongoing projects worldwide.


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